#NoEurovisionFor dozens of Ukrainian hostages in Russian jails

As guests from all over the world arrive in Ukraine to attend the Eurovision Song Contest, we cannot forget the dozens of Ukrainians who can’t join in the festivities. There is #NoEurovisionFor the political prisoners, as they are illegally held captive in Russian jails.


There’s #NoEurovisionFor Ukrainians hostages in Russian jails unjustly imprisoned in Russia and Russian-annexed Crimea

Activists in Ukraine have launched a campaign to inform foreign Eurovision guests that while we are free to enjoy the freedom to move, many Ukrainians are not.

“We are not trying to “politicize” Eurovision. Solidarity with people who are victimized for expressing their beliefs is defending human rights. After all, this Eurovision is all about celebrating diversity,” the organizers of the flashmob stress.

This Eurovision, remember the ideals it represents, freedom, justice and self-expression. Remember the Ukrainians are in prison for expressing themselves, let’s remind them and the world that they are not alone.


Do you want to make your voice heard, and take a stand against persecution, intolerance, and hate? Join the action today, and help Ukraine bring these prisoners home. 

We rely on your voices to spread the word. Tell your friends and loved ones that there’s #NoEurovisonFor Ukrainian political prisoners. They can’t make their voices heard, now it’s up to you.

The average price of a cup of coffee in Kyiv is around €1. A luxury coffee won’t cost more than €3. Imagine how much food that would buy for a fatherless Crimean Tatar family.