Roman Ternovsky




  • Part 2 of Article 282.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (participation in the activities of an extremist organization)


October, 2017


2 years and 3 months of imprisonment in general penal colony

Mailing address:

IK-3, 22 Osipenko str, Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Oblast, 433510

days in custody

Ukrainian citizen Roman Ternovsky was sentenced to two years and three months of imprisonment for “participating in the activities of an extremist organisation,” namely – “Right Sector.” He was arrested in October 2017 in Rostov Oblast (Russia) where he lived with his common-law wife. Search was carried out in his home in Rostov-on-Don during which “clothes and other personal belongings were found with Right Sector symbols.” According to the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, he took part in public protests and rallies in Ukraine directed against Russian interests between September 2015 and December 2016 and used social media to promote “Right Sector’s” activities.

The information about his detention and sentence was provided by the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation.

Exculpatory evidence

Representatives of the Ukrainian “Right Sector” organisation confirmed that Ternovsky supported their activities but declared that he had stopped it a year before his arrest. Ternovsky is being accused by the Russian authorities of participating in the activities of Pravy Sektor and of taking part in demonstration in the territory of Ukraine where the organisation is legally operating. The basis on which the charges have been brought against him is therefore highly questionable as the Russian ban on “Pravy Sektor” -following a decision from the Russian Supreme Court in 2014- is considered to be politically motivated in the context of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The decision has been criticized as lacking substantial evidence to justify the ban. The decision mentions for instance an alleged appeal made by Dmitry Yarosh (former leader of “Pravy Sektor”) to Doku Umarov (Chechen islamist rebel chief), which was denied by “Pravy Sektor”. 

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