Volodymyr Dudka


reserve captain 2nd rank, former captain of the electronic intelligence ship “Jupiter.” Served at the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Crimea before the arrest


Oksana Zheleznyak


preparation to subversive activities (Article 30 and clause “a” of Part Two of Article 281 of the Russian Criminal Code)


November 9, 2016

Prospective sentence:

up to 20 years in jail

Address of imprisonment:

Remand prison #1, 4 Lenina Ave., Simferopol 295006, Crimea

Intermediate mailing address:

Volodymyr Dudka, Center for Civil Liberties, 9-G Baseina Str., Apt. 25, Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine

days in custody

After the annexation of Crimea, Volodymyr stayed in the peninsula and started serving at the Sevastopol detachment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. He worked on missile clearance in the Inkermann Collieries. According to Dudka’s son Illia, during the search operatives were especially interested in this fact. The security service representatives thoroughly inspected even the shovel Dudka had been using for his job.

Volodymyr Dudka was never interested in politics. During a skype call with his brother Petro in the spring of 2014, he said that he did not want to talk about what had happened in the peninsula. According to Petro, Volodymyr could say so because the call could be tapped, or he just did not want possible differences to spoil their communication.

After his detention, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) stated that Volodymyr Dudka was a member of a sabotage terrorist group instructed to the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. He was accused of preparing subversive activities at the military infrastructure and life support facilities in Crimea, particularly the Simferopol Airport, bus stations in Simferopol, Sevastopol, and Yalta, and the Kerch Strait ferry line.

Exculpatory evidence

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine disproved that the FSB had detained members of a “Ukrainian subversive group” of its Main Intelligence Department, stressing that there are no subversives in Crimea or Sevastopol. Russian intelligence services are trying to show their efficiency, in this way misleading Russian leadership, people, and the international community once again, said Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko. The Security Service of Ukraine also states that the arrested Ukrainian citizens were neither SBU agents nor contactees from an SBU side.

Torture and pressure

Signs of physical abuse by security officers have not been detected. However, Volodymyr has been suffering from several chronic diseases. The “law enforcers” did not let his son hand him necessary medicines several times. Dudka’s relatives fear that, without the care of professional doctors, he will not recover. According to the most recent reports, the relatives were finally allowed to pass the medicines.