Yevhen Karakashev


medical worker


Alexey Ladin


  • part 1 of Art. 282 of the Criminal code of Russia (“incitement of hatred and enmity”)
  • part 2 of Art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code of Russia (Public appeals for carrying out terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism through the use of the mass media) 


February 1, 2018

Prospective sentence:

up to seven years of imprisonment, the accusation on article 282 was dropped due to the decriminalization of article 282 

Mailing address:

Center for Civil Liberties, 9-G Baseina Str., Apt. 25, Kyiv 01024, Ukraine (detained in SIZO-1, Simferopol)

days in custody

40-year-old Yevhen Karakashev was arrested on 1 February 2018 in his home in Yevpatoria, Crimea. He was placed under arrest the next day for alleged “incitement of hatred and enmity” and “public appeals for carrying out terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism” through the use of the mass media. He is an anarchist activist who took part in various protest actions against the arbitrariness of the police and in solidarity with the Ukrainian political prisoners. Russian security officers broke in his home without introducing themselves, threw him to the ground, handcuffed him and beaten. He was allowed to call a lawyer and a friend only few hours later, in the evening. There were signs of beating on his forehead.

Exculpatory evidence

Karakashev is accused of “incitement of hatred and enmity” and of having made public appeals for carrying out terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism on mass media. This is based on one video he posted on the VKontakte social network in 2014 about the “Primorye Partisans,” a group that is considered “extremist” in Russia, as well as on a text he posed on January 2017 on a group chat of 35 people. In mid-May 2018 lawyer of Yevgen Alexey Ladin reported that, first, only part of the chat dialogue had been sent for an expertize, but the lawyer insisted to have the whole chat dialogue for the expertize, including the phrase of Yevhen ‘I do not call to anything’. In its conclusion, the experts concluded that there was no call for terrorism in the statement of Karakashev. However the experts have found ‘approval of ideology of violence’. ‘I, as a lawyer, doubt that conclusions regarding the approval of violence’.  

According to the lawyer, Yevhen do not admit his guilt and consider that the arrest and the criminal persecution is caused by his civic activism. He took an active part in the protests against the construction sited in Yevpatoria and police violence in Crimea.


On 1 February 2018 during the search and detention Yevhen Karakashev was severely beaten by the de facto police. He was thrown to the floor, handcuffed and was kept in this position for several hours next to open door to the street. His mother was prohibited to close the door. There were signs of beating on his forehead and face on the video of his detention and questioning.