Hennadii Afanasiev: Today I’m free. Thanks to you!

The former Kremlin’s prisoner has expressed his gratitude to all those who fought for his release and thanks to whom he was finally able to celebrate his birthday at large in his native Ukraine, with his dearest ones.


The banner on the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv congratulating Hennadii Afanasiev on his 26th birthday. Hennadii’s mother kisses him in the background

Two years ago, I spent my birthday in solitary confinement. Without any letters and lacking a hint of freedom.

A year ago, it was a tight restraint barrack. I was covered with painful inflammation and suffered fever and pain, not hoping to survive prison.

Today I am free. Owing to you!

Thank you the People of Ukraine, all those who were with me, although I was so far away.

Thank you for this festive occasion!

We will win the other hostages back from the clutches of Nazi Russia and arrange the same celebration for them.