‘Prisoners of the Kremlin.’ Film about Roman Sushchenko

What happens if your son, father, or spouse is arrested by the state that is waging a war on your own nation and casts on your dearest one terrible aspersions?

The documentary Prisoners of the Kremlin, devoted to the misfortune of Roman Sushchenko, tells about that. A Ukrainian journalist, who worked in Paris for six years, he is being held in a Moscow pretrial jail since the fall of 2016 and faces up to 20-year imprisonment. The Kremlin propaganda depicts its victim as a crafty spy, “big fish” caught in the net by the Russian security. But who really is Mr Sushchenko and how did he find himself in the Russian capital in September 2016? And why do the representatives of the journalist community perceive the case as an attack against them and their profession? Roman’s relatives and colleagues give their answers in the film. Read more…