Write to Kremlin’s prisoner Viktor Shur on his 60th birthday!

On March 10, the Ukrainian prisoner of the Kremlin Viktor Shur celebrates his sixtieth birthday behind bars. He needs our support very much!

Shur_bd_enIn 2014, a Russian court sentenced him to twelve years in jail for concocted “espionage.” Viktor allegedly photographed a long-abandoned airfield in the Bryansk Oblast, which locals used for grazing cattle. While in an FSB detention centre, he admitted his “guilt,” apparently under the influence of psychotropics.

Victor Shur is currently held in Bryansk penal colony # 1 known as an especially tough facility, the “red zone.” Since he has health problems, he spent some time in a hospital, however, no treatment was provided to him actually. Instead, he was deprived of all his personal belongings and necessary medicines, which were not given him back after his return to the colony. He risks remaining in custody for the next ten years of his life, until his 70th birthday, if we do not force the Kremlin to free the innocent man.

Send Viktor a greeting card or write him a letter! Let the prisoner feel that he is not along and we are trying to advance his release. The address is:

Shur Viktor Valentinovich (born 1957), penal colony #1, 30 Komarova Str., Bryansk, 241021, Russia. Only letters in Russian are accepted!