Trailer for “Putin’s Hostages” documentary released

The official trailer for the documentary “Putin’s Hostages: Ukrainian political prisoners of the Kremlin” has been released. The documentary tells about the phenomenon of the Ukrainian hostages of the Kremlin on the example of three of them – Bekir Dehermendzhy, Pavlo Hryb, Yevhen Panov. As well, the film covers the experiences of former Kremlin hostages Hennadiy Afanasyev and Akhtem Chiygoz, the activities of families of the hostages and activists who are concerned about their fates.

The movie aims to remind public opinion in Europe about circa 70 Ukrainian political prisoners incarcerated throughout Russia and occupied Crimea. Among them Maidan activists, Crimean Tatars as well as ordinary and sometimes random people. The movie will show the way Russia’s authorities penalize those opposing its aggression on Ukraine, the impunity of Russian authorities, which detain people, depriving them of the basic human rights, for the reason of generating a fear factor in the battle with its opponents. About innocent people becoming the hostages of Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine.

Through the stories of the three named prisoners, the documentary will recount the propaganda mechanism and real goal of show trials conducted in order to justify Russian involvement in Ukraine. On the other hand, their stories will be told by the family members and friends.

The film is created by Polish filmmaker Bożydar Pająk and journalist Piotr Malinowski, produced by Alya Shandra, editor-in-chief of Euromaidan Press, with the support of the British embassy in Ukraine.

More information is on the webpage of the film.